emergency dental appointment in mansfield

Rufford Rescue – Emergency Dental Appointments in Mansfield


At Thackeray Dental Care we like to think we can help everyone, so for those of you who aren’t registered with us we offer an emergency dental service in Mansfield Nottinghamshire.

If you’re experiencing tooth ache, have broken a tooth or maybe a crown has fallen out, along with many other problems we have appointments available to put right these issues.

All that is necessary is a phone call to speak to one of our receptionists and they can arrange a convenient time/day for you to come see us.

These appointments are £115 and we allocate about 45 minutes of our time to spend with you.

During the time in surgery we will assess the problem and build a treatment plan of the options available to you.

The appointment itself is to treat a single issue this way we can devote the necessary care and attention on getting you out of pain.

The price is inclusive of any diagnosis aids needed by the dentist so for example x-rays, as these could possibly give the dentist a more definitive explanation to why a problem maybe occurring.

emergency dentist in mansfield

After attending this appointment you still have the option of any future emergency appointments with us or you can register with us and we can look after you on a long-term basis.

For more information or to book an emergency dental appointment with our dentist, please contact the practice on 01623 629359.


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