Facial aesthetic practitioner in Mansfield dentist

Facial Aesthetics

What skills do facial aesthetic practitioners require?


Dentists/Hygienists undergo years of training at University and have an extensive understanding of the facial anatomy and physiology. They are already skilled at administering injections within the mouth. As facial aesthetics practitioners they undergo further training learning how to administer injections into the face safely.

They are also taught how to use needle and cannulas safely and how to deal with any issues or complications following treatment, such as; allergic reactions, infections or injection into a blood vessel.


Can anyone call themselves a facial aesthetic practitioner?


Non-medically qualified people can also train as facial aesthetic practitioners following a 2 day course, how ever they will not have the benefit of a 3-6 year dental/medical course and years of experience handling and administering injections.


Are their complications or side effects of poor injection treatment?


Complications of injecting fillers into an artery or vein can have devastating effects, it can affect the blood supply to the area and this can result in blindness or damage to the skin, so it is essential that the person administering the injections are skilled in the placement and dealing with any possible complications.

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