What to Expect at a Dental Health Check

We used to call your Dental Health Check just a Check Up but it is so much more than just a “Check Up”!

When you attend for your Dental Health Check at Thackeray Dental Care in Mansfield first you will be asked about your past medical history. It is important that you disclose all aspects of your medical health so we can make sure we prescribe the right treatments. Certain general medical conditions require a different approach dentally and may lead to more risk in certain areas. For instance, if you are diabetic you will be more prone to gum disease and will more than likely require more maintenance from our Dental Hygienist. If you have had a heart or circulatory problem you may be taking medication that thins your blood. This can mean that taking a tooth out can be a little complicated and will alter our treatment planning.

The Effects Of Periodontal Disease On Your Body

We will also ask for a full history of your past dental experiences if you are a new patient. We can gain an understanding of what treatments may not be suitable for you and where we need to focus. Included in this area will be questions on your brushing habits and maybe dietary including consumption of sugar and alcohol intake, as well as smoking habits. We are not being nosey it all helps form a picture for us and aids in planning your dental care.

Composite Vs White Filling
Once you have sat in our dental chair the health check will move on to a physical examination of your head and neck area as well as your mouth. Why your head and neck? We will be looking to check if you have any lymph nodes or glands enlarged, checking you have a full range of movement with your jaw joint and that it doesn’t click. Dental disease, such as infections in the mouth will elicit a response from your body to fight infection, that will produce enlarge lymph nodes and so we may know what to expect from a look inside your mouth even before you open it!


Finally we will have a look inside your mouth, not yet at the teeth but a general look around and then a close look at all the soft lining of the mouth, palate and throat. We are looking for any problems but essentially we are wanting to spot any early signs of mouth cancer. Many mouth cancers can grow silently without symptoms and because of the nature of the anatomy it can be difficult for you to notice changes. When caught early oral cancer can be treated successfully so this point alone is a reason to come along for a Dental Health Check regularly.
Mouth Cancer Risk Factors


Periodontal disease Mansfield
After this we will examine your gums, looking for signs of gum disease, any problems areas where food is catching and causing a problem.


Finally we will examine your teeth, first visually and then with x-rays if necessary. We are looking for decay, leaking fillings, crowns that are loose or failing. We also look at how the teeth fit together, are there signs of tooth wear, perhaps tooth grinding?
White teeth Mansfield


Thackeray Dental Coffee


Once we have all the information we can then formulate a plan for your care to ensure your optimal dental health and discuss with you all the options available to you.
So next time you book in just for your Check Up think again you get so much more… your Dental Health Check.

See you soon.

Simon 🙂




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