Independant Priveate Dentist in Mansfield Nottinghamshire promoting National Smile Month 2017

Independent Private Dentist in Mansfield Nottinghamshire

Thackeray Dental Care is Mansfield’s longest established private dental practice. It originally started off as a dental practice with Mr Chester in the 1940’s and has now evolved into a very modern private independent practice led by Mr Simon Thackeray. As you would expect from such a long established practice our dentists have over 70 years combined experience and this means we can offer a wide range of treatments such as:

  • Dental assessments with a 16 point health check
  • Oral hygiene appointments
  • White composite fillings
  • Orthodontics – Almost invisible braces to traditional fixed braces
  • Restorative treatments
  • Tooth whitening
  • Crowns, veneers, bridges, onlays and inlays
  • Root canal treatment
  • Air polish
  • Dental Implants
  • Rescue appointments
  • Facial Aesthetics


As part as the outstanding patient care here at Thackeray Dental Care to make sure our patients have continuous care from ourselves, we also offer a range of dental plans to help cover the costs of examinations and oral hygiene appointments every 3-12 months to help keep everything healthy with this dental plan it comes a variety of benefits like 20% off any treatment, insurance cover, world wide trauma cover and more.

Visiting the dentist regularly is one of those things that we have always been encouraged to do. In order to prevent problems with our teeth, it is always better (and more cost effective) than waiting for them to begin and then having to deal with them.

But not everyone visits a dentist regularly, which is why the team at Thackeray Dental Care in Mansfield are participating in National Smile Month, to raise the awareness of what good oral health is and help make a difference to more people.

This year National Smile Month is taking place between the 15th May and the 15th June, and aims to promote three main messages that will help you to develop and maintain a healthy mouth.

The three main oral health messages are:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary drinks and snacks.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, and as often as they recommend.


Good Oral health is important not just to keep the mouth, teeth and gums healthy, but also has benefits to the rest of your general health as well. There is some research now that links gum disease with heart disease for instance, so making sure that the whole of your mouth is healthy can only be a good thing for you in the long term. A thorough dental assessment should always check for problems with the gums and teeth, but will also include mouth cancer checking as well.

By taking part in National Smile Month, the team at Thackeray’s will be joining with all the other health professionals, dental health educators, schools, and workplaces across the country working to raise the profile of good oral health, especially in disadvantaged communities and regions of known poor oral health. Our registered patients will benefit from free oral health assessments and advice, available on request.

To make your appointment and oral health assessment, whether you are a patient of the practice or wish to join the practice simply call Thackeray Dental Care on 01623 629359

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