“A” Levels – University and the Perils of Poor Dental Health



“A” levels are all over, and all that remains now is the waiting to see which college or university you or your loved ones will be heading to. Exciting times!

If you are in this category then chances are that you are 18 years old and you have been a recipient of NHS treatment at Thackeray Dental Care for some time now. You have probably had little or no interventional treatment, having taken advantage of and listened to all the excellent advice our dental team have given you over the years.

You will be heading off into the next stage of your life with a clean bill of dental health and let’s be honest, it will probably be the last thing on your mind?

Well we don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but we have seen patients get unstuck at this point. Away from your family and the routines of family life, sometimes the plan can go wrong.

We have seen this happen plenty of times to be concerned about it, not a filling in their mouth and come first summer time home and Mum or Dad suggests a long over due visit to the dentist. We spot not one but several cavities, not to mention gum disease not even hinted at beforehand.

The change in environment can produce

  • Poor dietary habits
  • Irregular oral hygiene
  • Non existent dental check ups

In response to this we have produced a special Dental Plan for teenagers in this category who are set to head off to University.

The plan is just £5 a month and allows you to see our dental team once a year until you have left university or are in paid employment.

We will help keep you on track plus you have all the benefits of being a member of our plans that all our other patients do.

  • Access to accident and emergency cover – worldwide
  • Discounts off our regular treatment prices at Thackeray Dental Care

Access to accident and emergency care is particularly useful if you are going to a University or College a distance away and cannot always pop back to see us should you have a problem. It is also very useful if you intend to take a “Gap” year or do some travelling.

We understand that this may not feel like a priority at the moment and so we expect to be speaking to a few Mums and Dads over the coming months to let them know about our concerns and our solution.

Good dental health equals good general health so make sure you get a dental check up before heading off to explore the rest of your life and make it a priority before it makes itself a priority for you.


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