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Dental Referral Centre Nottinghamshire

Mansfield Dental Referral Centre


At Thackeray Dental Care in Mansfield we are able to accept referrals for dental treatments from dentists in the local area and dental referrals from dentists in Nottinghamshire.


Maybe you have a patients with a more complex problem and you require some additional experience that our dental team have?


Perhaps it is a treatment or investigation you cannot provide in your own practice?


Whatever the reason, we treat all referrals in absolute confidence and always discuss options with you, the referring dentist, as well as the patient. We will only treat within the remit of your referral and, of course, we are happy to have an informal discussion with you first.

To refer, please fill in as much information you can on the adjacent referral form along with contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.


Referral for Orthodontics

We are able to offer Conventional Orthodontic Treatments as well as Adult Short Term Cosmetic Treatments including clear aligner treatments with Invisalign. We are also able to treat children who have been refused NHS care on the basis of IOTN. We offer payment plans and a full explanation of costs and expectations.


Referral for CBCT Scan

We have had a CBCT for a few years now and find it invaluable when assessing for dental implants and also for assessing the outcome of many treatments. This is especially true when assessing the future prognosis of an endodontic treatment, is it possible to root treat or is extraction better. It is only with a 3D image that you can offer the patient the correct decision. We are happy to receive requests for images from the CBCT.

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