Worried About Dental Care? Let Us Change Your Opinion!

The world of dentistry is a much nicer place than it was years ago. Many of us have memories of when we were children and it can still instill fear and anxiety now years later. Sadly, sometimes we are taught to be afraid by our parents and friends when really it’s totally unjustified.

Modern dentistry is full of caring individuals who want to help you. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed and we understand for some it can be quite unnerving. We also have to be patients sometimes!

All of the team at Thackeray Dental Care in Mansfield will spend time to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed from the welcome you will receive at reception, from Gill and Sam, to the care within the dental rooms.

We do spend time to work out how we can improve this service all the time and we positively encourage feedback.

Some of the ways we have worked to create a pleasant, relaxed environment.

  • Friendly welcome as soon as you walk through the door
  • A beautiful “boutique” environment
  • Comfortable seating area with up to date magazines and a coffee machine
  • Fresh flowers and a non- dental smell!
  • Calming décor, thought through and kept looking good
  • Professional team who understand how to manage your anxiety
  • Appointment lengths that won’t leave you feeling rushed
  • Enough time to discuss your concerns in full with your dental team
  • Modern equipment and techniques that eliminate discomfort and anxiety
  • Modern diagnostic methods to give a certainty to treatments
  • A place to discuss finances and arrange appointments in private

We are sure you will be impressed with the feel of our practice and how comfortable it makes you. However, we also appreciate that for some people their anxiety is so great that they cannot consider having dental treatment without some help.


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Most of our patients will respond to our techniques of relaxation but if we think you need a little help we can arrange all of your treatment under sedation. After an assessment we can produce a plan for you to move forward and complete your dental treatment this way. You will need to bring someone with you for your care who can take you home and you won’t be able to drive for the next 24hrs but if you are extremely anxious then this may be a good way forward.

We do find that patients who choose this pathway often find they can eventually have dental treatment without the sedation as they become more used to us and the dental environment and they understand they can trust us to do the best for them.

If you are concerned that you are avoiding dental care because of your anxiety then do call for a chat or if you can pop in we would be delighted to have a chat and explain some of the choices available to you.

We want to improve the dental health of our community and would like more people to go to the dentist so we would really like to help you. Why not see what we can do for you?






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